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I can only call one number - and they can only call me!

Tuning in

Hi, I have the following issue with my VM landline - I get a dial tone, but when I dial a number I hear nothing. The recipient's phone will ring, however, and they can hear me, but I cannot hear them.

I cannot dial any numbers, including 150, HOWEVER, I have a close family member who also has a VM landline - theirs was the last number I dialled without issue. I visited them today, and guess what - they have the same issue.

Now, to make things more interesting, I have since found out that we can call each other from our VM landlines with no issues - but neither of us can call anyone else! 

I'm guessing that there's a fault at the exchange that developed during or after our recent call, and it's 'stuck' in limbo.

I've tried to explain this to VM customer services, and while the people I've spoken to have been lovely, I don't think they understand what I mean.

An engineer is booked in to visit my property, though I can't really see what he's going to achieve if my family member (in another town) is having the same issue.

Any advice greatly received, thanks.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Fuzzy2084,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

Sorry to hear both you and your friend have the same issue with your landline service, this is certainly strange.

Our Faults Team would have gone through all the checks we can on our end, and if there are no visible issues, the next step would be to book an engineer visit. The engineer will be able to check things at the green cabinet and ensure everything is in the right place. If they are unable to resolve the issue, they will feed it back to their manager and the Network Team.

Please do keep us posted with how the visit goes, and if you need help with anything else


Thanks Beth. I will await the engineer's visit on Friday.

I think I forgot to mention in my previous post that both myself and the other subscriber are able to receive incoming calls from anyone, the issue is just with outgoing calls. A strange one!

This turned out to be an issue in my area (20), apparently.

Goodness knows why nobody could tell me that on the numerous telephone calls I had to make to register the fault and repeatedly explain the issue.