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Huge problems since my new hub was installed.

On our wavelength

I have NEVER had so many problems with the internet since I let you put in the new hub 2 weeks ago so I could keep on using my landline.

All websites (but particularly badly noticeable on video sites) are loading MUCH more slowly. Video sites such as **bleep**ute and now even Youtube have become a real pain in the ****. Taking ages to load if they load at all, constantly buffering etc etc. Connection constantly failing. What have you done to my internet connection Virgin? If this carries on I am seriously considering closing my account and moving somewhere else - I've had enough.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @carolinehug, thanks for reaching back out to us on the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the broadband connection you've recently had.
I've had a look for you and I can see that there is an area outage currently affecting the services.
It is an SNR issue, which is a signal to noise ratio issue.
The estimated repair time for this fault is for the 19th October 2022, just after 12pm.
We can follow up then and see how the connection is.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Well it's now 4.45pm 19th november and no change :((((((((((((((((((((

Hi Caroline, thanks a lot for your follow-up message.

I do apologise, as it does look like the area outage has been extended past the original date advised yesterday by Ilyas.

The new estimated time of fix is: 21st October at 12:10pm.

Apologies for any inconvenience here caused.

Many thanks


This is total rubbish. I don't have an 'outage', I am able to connect. What I have is a crap speed whereby all website pages are taking too long to load and video sites are constantly stopping/buffering making watching any videos a nightmare. I don't believe you've got the first idea what is going on here. I am a single person with only 1 device connected to the internet through your 'hub' in my home. I do not use wifi, I use an ethernet connection. I do not have 3 kids all using my connection. I have M50 fibre broadband because of this (no user except me with 1 laptop) However, this does not appear to be sufficient to guarantee successful download speed. Seriously looking at a new ISP now. In addition, I am paying £36.95 per month for this but it appears that others can get M100 on a new 18 month contract for only £26/month +vat I assume. I have been with Virgin for YEARS but not for much longer.

Hi Caroline, thanks for your reply.

I'm sorry for any confusion - an outage doesn't necessarily result in a total loss of service.

The area outage that is occurring for you at the moment, and you are definitely being impacted by is causing intermittent service disruption and possibly speed issues too, which matches exactly what you're having at the moment even via ethernet cable unfortunately.

We'll do our best to fix this ASAP but please let us know if this is still happening after the 21st.

Many thanks


And from your own website this 

There are no known broadband issues in PO12 2PG.


Hi Caroline, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, the service status page doesn't always pick up intermittent outage issues, it's generally only total loss of service that appears.

As previously mentioned, apologies for this and please let us know how things are after the 21st.

Many thanks