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Hub 5 - telephony not enabled

Joining in

I changed package recently and plugged the new TV box and Hub 5 in yesterday evening. Everything is working fine, except my home phone. When I log on to the Hub I see that telephony is not enabled.

I have a fibre phone line, having been switched over from analogue last summer. It was working with no problems on my old Hub. I have seen some previous messages about Hub 5 not being compatible with fibre phone lines but this was a year ago - surely this isn’t still the case? I use the Hub in modem mode so switched it back to router mode, just in case this was a problem, but nothing.

I’ve tried calling the Care team but either get cut off or can’t get anyone to understand what the issue is. Everything is plugged in correctly - I have double/triple checked that. The bundle I have moved to definitely includes telephony - or if it doesn’t, I’ve got unlimited calls for nothing!

Can anyone help, please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @samaryd,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your landline since your upgrade. We further apologise that you have been unable to reach our team. Based on the information given, this case may need a deeper look. I have sent you a private message so we can look into this for you. Please look out for the purple envelope and provide a response when you can.


Forum Team

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