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Hub 5 landline noise

Joining in

I have been told by VM that my landline is not compatible with HUB 5 and that I need a 'phone that is REN1 and DOCSIS compatible.
My current phone (BT4600) is REN1 but I can't find if it's DOCSIS compatible. Can anyone help, please?

Also I can find DECT landline phone but what are they, please?


Alessandro Volta

Your BT4600 should be able to work fine with the phone connection on a VM hub.

There has, however, been quite a growing list of issues with the phone connection on the Hub 5 (inc. dropped calls, poor signal levels, spurious missed call notifications on BT phones etc.)

What issues are you experiencing with your phone connection?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Badger3703,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry for any issue you've had with your landline device. 

To my knowledge that handset should work. 

What specific issues are you having?


I'm getting a background noise.


Thank you for that information. Can you expand on what type of noise it is?


I have been doing some checking and I have been told that the noise is due to the hub. I can't get through to VM as the line drops every 16 minutes!!!!!! I am supposed to have a ADSL filter which looks like I have got but that doesn't solve the problem.

It looks like VM have sorted the issue. Very many thanks for all who helped.

We're glad to hear this is all sorted for you. 


During one of my many conversations with VM, an engineer told me to replace my BT 'phone with a corded 'phone. The noise stopped. The engineer then told me that it was the BT handset that was at fault. In the end an engineer visited and checked my line etc and he declared it was the BT handset. What I thought was an ADSL filter is simply an adapter so I can try an ADSL filter and/or get a new handset!!!!!! even though the BT 'phone had supposed to be REN 1 and DOCSIS compatible!!

Thanks everyone for your help, but it does seem to be my 'phone's issue!




You have been given some mangled info while you have been dealing with this.

The REN/DOCSIS info is not relevant to plugging in a simple DECT phone and you should be able to plug in your cordless BT handset to the hub and it should work without issue.

You do not need an ADSL filter on a VM landline either. Adding an ADSL filter will roll off frequencies above speech frequencies so may reduce the noise heard on the noisy line. A recent topic mentioned this. That is not actually fixing the problem of a noisy line though, just masking it. Adding a needless component, such as an ADSL filter, may possibly cause other issues.

There is, however, a long, growing list of issues with the phone connection from the Hub 5 (including issues such as calls cutting off, phones making random ringing sounds and caller display showing missed calls even though there are no incoming calls). This latter issue has particularly been mentioned with BT phones on here.

You could well possibly just have a noisy/faulty BT phone but you could also just be experiencing one of the many issues, in the process of being resolved, with telephone connections from the Hub 5 and involving BT phones.

If you tried your BT phone on another phone line (friend, family member, neighbour) and it was still noisy, then you'd know one way or the other.