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How to report land line not working

On our wavelength


I can't ring 150 because my land line isn't working. Nowhere I can see to report online.

Service status showing no issues in my area.

How do I get virgin media to fix my line? It's a plug in the socket connection. I have tried taking the front of the box off and plugging into the other connector. Not working.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi johnsusan,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your landline service. 

To confirm, are you getting a dial tone? If not, have you been able to try an alternative handset?


I had the whole thing replaced because I thought it was faulty. 

Thank you for confirming that. We will need to take a look on our side now. 

I will private message you to confirm your details. 



You're welcome.