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How do I transfer a landline number to an existing account

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My elderly mother has a landline/broadband contract with John Lewis (Plusnet), and a TV/broadband/landline package from Virgin, so she's paying twice for broadband and landline.

The John Lewis landline is her main number, and she has never used the Virgin Media one.

She would like to cancel her John Lewis contract, and transfer the John Lewis landline number to her Virgin Media package.

How do we organise this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @mb204796 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


We would be able to port a number across no problem. The number would need to stay active with John Lewis so don't cancel it first. 


The account holder would need to call us on 0345 454 1111 or if they have a forum account they can post here and I will be happy to take a look. Then they would just request a number port. As long as the line is active we should be able to port it across. 

Hi, thanks for getting back.

I tried calling that number myself earlier, but there was no suitable-sounding option for this and I ended up hanging up.

My mother is in her 80's and isn't technologically-literate, so she would find registering with and logging on to a forum way too stressful.

Would it not be possible for you to contact her by email? Or could you provide me with an email address that she can contact?

Thank you

I'm sorry but we do not have an email option for this @mb204796 if you are at home with her anytime soon and able to create an account with her then we would be happy to take a look.


Otherwise we would recommend calling the line again, though we would need to speak to the account holder. Did the team recommend about a number port at all? 

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This really isn't helpful.

I don't live close by, and won't be seeing her for a while. She would struggle to navigate your telephone menu options and would find the whole experience way too stressful.

Is there really no email option? Or can she not authorise me to act on her behalf?

We could arrange this with a third party if they had Power of Attorney @mb204796 but due to security measures we do need to speak to an account holder in order to arrange changes of details on an account. 


This is to protect our customers and their accounts. You can view more about this online here.


You can also use the WhatsApp service on 07305327112. 



Congratulations, you just lost yourselves another customer. 

As a result of your inability to help me, we will be keeping my mother's landline and broadband where they are, replacing Virgin Media's TV service with a Freesat box.

Well done. 

We are sorry to hear and this and sorry you feel this way.

As mentioned above we do this to keep our customers safe and without these details we wouldn't be able to do with a 3rd party.

Please do feel free to reach out if you do manage to get permission set up. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person

Also to add, your mother will need to contact VM to give her 30days disconnection notice if that's what you and her decide what to do.

Cancellation is not something a third party can do any more than an account change is.

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