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How can I connect a remote landline phone to new voip fibre without a running cable in house

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How can I connect a remote landline phone to new voip fibre without a running cable in house.

Or can i connect a wifi phone to the wifi of the router

Or what??


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @grayb, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

The handset would need to be directly connected to the hub, with the use of the RJ11 adaptor that would be provided by Virgin Media.  

Have you possibly considered a relocation of the router to a more convenient location within your property?

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Relocation of the router - not feasible, as it is in the centre of the house with an adjacent TP-Link EAP110 Access Point connected to it. Due to the carp signal strength of the VW Hub4

Main phone is in a newly decorated lounge, very close to the fibre coming into the house. Do not particularly want it destroyed.

Years ago wifi came along, managed to get rid of all copper cable running to every single phone outlet. Now its a backward step

Fibre optic

The first thing to take into account is that despite the term often being (mis)used, the 'new' VM telephony system is absolutely NOT a VoIP setup, think of it more a system of 'piggy-backing' the standard 'copper-wire' based analogue connection, onto the coax cable - but that's about it. It's not IP-based telephony as most people would recognise it, so you can't use any sort of WiFi or IP-based phone handset.

There are very few options available, which are;

a) you have a single phone connected to directly to the Tel1 socket on the hub - from VM's perspective, this is by far the most convenient (for them anyway) option and they one they will 'push', even if it means moving the hub or phone.

b) You have a DECT phone system, the base station  plugs into the hub as above and the 'satellite' systems are just dotted about the house. Of course this may well require you to purchase a new phone system.

c) For those with multiple hard-wired phones connected to wall sockets, this becomes a bit more tricky. Officially VM are supposed to offer a service by which one of their techs will wire the hub into the nearest 'socket' and hence be connected to all the others.

However, in answer to your question about connecting a remote phone without any wires, alas, you can't!

Hi grayb,

We're happy to install any extensions if you require any. However I'm afraid that as we are unable to prevent the transition over to the fibre network, we do not have any other options for you. I can only apologise.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.