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House phone not ringing

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I’ve recently had a contract change with an upgrade of internet (no new router) and suddenly my landline has stopped ringing. I get a dial tone and can call out, and can receive calls if I’m looking at the phone and see someone is calling, but no ring tone.

I bought brand new handsets in case it was that, but still getting the same issue. I’ve reset the router and checked the coverage of the area and everything seems to be ok.

wondered if anyone has any suggestions as reading through other comments, I can’t find a solution.



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And the issue happens with both handsets Andy_286? Is it the same on different wall sockets?



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Andy_286


Sorry to hear of the handset issues with your landline since updating the package. We appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


Do you use the handset via the Hub or via a wall socket? If it's via the Hub is the adapter and line still connected to TEL 1 port on the back of the Hub? Have any changes been made to the set up at all or was it just a package change? 



Hi Rob,

was just an update as the contract was coming to an end. Telephone is connected via a hole in the wall and not through the router.



And the issue happens with both handsets Andy_286? Is it the same on different wall sockets?



I only have 1 hole in the wall to connect a handset to. I bought a new handset in case that was the issue but still having the same problem

Do you get a dial tone on the line Andy_286? Are there any issues when on a call sound wise?



Yes, get a dial tone and can call out. Can receive calls but it’s like the ringer is broken or some kind of fault in the line stopping any phone ringing.

The ringer would be the handset itself but I'm wondering if there is a problem with the wall socket. The volume on the handsets are turn up right? 



Yup everything is up to the maximum. The handset and base rings when I test it using the settings of the handset, just not when someone calls.

Thanks Andy_286, I asked a colleague in the telephone department and from checking the connection and equipment we can see there are issues with the power levels which will require a technician to attend. I have booked a visit for the next available slot which you can view here. If there are any issues with the date or time please let me know and we can look to alter this to something more suitable.


Please be aware that any changes would result in a delay to the visit as this was the earliest available, there also needs to be someone over the age of 18 in the property at the time of the visit.