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Home phone.

Joining in

Since the home phone has been forced to use the hub, the date & time will not stay right in the phone, after many times resetting it, used to be ok when we were connected to the land line socket, the phone is iDECT not a old model, anyone else having the same problems?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Bazz1 thanks for your post here in the Community, although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

This would sound like a handset issue, it is unlikely the type of telephone connection would influence this.

Do you have another handset that you can try or alternatively, could you try to connect the phone to a neighbour's landline socket to see if this works for you?

Many thanks



If you have a Hub 5, first power cycle it to pick up the fix for Ghost Calls.

Phones pick up the (not year)  month : day : hour : minutes info  from the Called Id data when the ringing signal of an inbound call occurs.

Call your VM line from a mobile, let the phone ring three times and check the date / time has it corrected ?

Hi Tom_W1, Thanks for the reply, we have three phones in the system, including the answerer phone, and none will hold the time and date, after a incoming call come in, as I said , had no problems under the old plug in land lines. I could give one ago, in a family members hub, before I dig a hole and bury then in the garden!!! Thanks

Alessandro Volta

Some phones also have a setting to choose either a manual setting for the time or a setting for the time via caller ID.

What is the make/model of the phone?

Hi goslow, It a iDECT Loop Plus Call Blocker Triple. Worked ok on old plug in socket land line, as I said before. Regards.

HI Sorry to say that's not worked, but worth a try.

Alessandro Volta

Seems to only be a manual time setting for that range of phones.

In what way is the time changing? Drifting out of time slowly, changing in specific increments or something else?

As per question from Client62 above, what model of hub do you have?

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Call blockers designed for BT exchanges are proving hit and miss on the VM Hub's

Check Caller Id is enabled on the Hub i.e. when your phones when ringing they are correctly displaying the in-bound caller's number.