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Home phone - landline switchover adaptor delivery - still not received

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I've found it quite simply impossible to get clarity on this via any Virgin Media "contact us" methods.  I received a letter to say landline switchover was happening on 31st March 2023.  At same time highlighting that it's important for customers who rely on personal alarms, safety monitoring services via their analogue telephone lines to understand that they may not work with new Virgin landline digital solution - pretty serious impact for some vulnerable customers to say the least.  Thankfully I don't, but I really worry for those who haven't truly understood this and where they are now in the process.

I received a text message to ask if I have received the adaptor, each time I reply 'NO', receive an apology and advised will re-send another adaptor (although don't believe it was sent in the first place).  Call helpline telephone number on switchover date, as concerned no longer have a landline, and still no adaptor.  I was re-directed through a maze of options to eventually liaise with a human on WhatsApp, who once again advises an adaptor was ordered that day and should be with me within 3-5 days, although don't know what happened to the previous adaptors that were supposed to have been sent previously and never arrived. 

I am paying for a landline service that I don't have, can't speak to a human in any shape or form who can advise situation.  It's truly the most frustrating customer service experience ever.

Can someone from Virgin please get on top of this, or at least admit they have an issue, underestimated the size of the switchover task or something.  It's clear this is the case. As a customer, I prefer honesty, rather than being constantly told an adaptor is on it's way.  



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @EBaker,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our forums 🌞

I am so sorry for the confusion on the switchover, I can take a look into this to see what is going on for you. I will drop you a private message.

Keep an eye out for the little envelope 📩