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Home phone crackle and disconnection

My phone has started crackling and randomly disconnecting.  I have tried to ring 150, but that disconnects as well and I just end up with either dead air or a dialling tone.  It happened last evening when i was talking to my brother in France, (he and his wife are in lock-down and have health issues at the moment).  The phone was fine all day, but it seems to happen around 1700 - 1830 hours.  I have ran the line test and according to that, there is no fault, I have also checked all the phones in the house, including the one that goes into the wall, and there is nothing wrong.  I have tried ringing with my mobile to the land line and can hear the crackling and I have plugged a corded phone into the socket in the wall and the same thing happens. I have had my neighbours call me and the same thing happens. I was talking to my brother  a short while ago and the line disconnected/went dead so many times, we gave up.  Strange thing is, the line seems to be OK all day.  Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Home phone crackle and disconnection

Hi Snowdrop63,


Thanks for your post.


I'm sorry you're having problems with your phone line crackling and disconnecting. I can appreciate you're keen to get this sorted out. 

From what you've said, I'm going to need to book you a technician appointment. I'll pop you a private message now so I can pass security with you.





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