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Home phone and alarm problems

Joining in


I have similar problems to others:

Hub 5 is in modem mode and have internet access ok thru my router/network ok. When i originally did the hub switch the netgear R7800 router couldnt see the VM modem and in desperation i needed to reset the entire network (which on my side is no joke given the devices on my network), so getting internet took some time as i tried to avoid the reset. After the reset the internet connection was straightforward.

Phone is connected to top socket as instructed but no dial tone after several hours. Phone claims no connection and confirms this and status  says  telephony is disabled and there is no dial tone. The phone was used yesterday on the old socket before the switchover. After the switchover there was no dial tone on the old socket.

We also have an issue with our alarm which needs phone access but the VM hub 5 is in a different room, so the alarm is currently in a warning state as it doesnt have phone access. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @bigastrodaddy 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post.

Sorry to see there have been issues since the switchover. It sounds like it would be best if an engineer runs a line so the alarm can be connected.

I'll send you a PM to confirm some details so this can be arranged.



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thanks for sorting appointment Nathan