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I have recently received a text message from VM saying that you will send me an adapter which I must plug in by 1st June.

This is all news to me and it seems I should have received a letter but I have not. How can I find if my existing phone will work with the new arrangements

Incidentally, it might be a good idea not to send text messages that look like spam


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @jcattell 👋.

Thanks for your community post. 

With the new landline migration that will be a nationwide roll out in order to replace the degraded copper line, everyone will be switched over in accordance with means and requirements for them personally. You will receive correspondence, it is possible that it may still be on its way via Royal Mail, I understand the worry you may have with your existing phone line. Going forward with your existing phone, when you receive the adapter the instructions are to plug into the phone port on the Hub (coloured Grey) and located your phone to the hub and plug into the corresponding port by the date advised, preferably on the date as that is when the switch over will commence. 

If that is not possible due to circumstances such as, phone and Hub too far away to relocate together, or you have any health care alarms or monitors, home security systems connected to the phone line, then we advise contacting us prior to the final switch over date and arrange with us in order to book an engineer to come round and assess and relocate the phone and Hub in an area suitable for the equipment and you they will relocate accordingly.

For more information: Landline Migration

I hope this helps.