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Home phone adaptor

Joining in

Hi I have no home phone connection now . I have made 3 calls to VM and spent a total of 4hrs and 20 in queues with no one answering .

Please tell me where I can order the adaptor in order to plug my home phone into my hub 3 .

I'm guessing I can set this up myself and not need an engineer to come ? 








Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mark1316,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your phone line. 

To confirm, is your landline currently booked into your hub or the master phone socket?


Master phone socket . Phone works in another house so not phone . I was told by other residents in my block they have the same issue and needed an engineer out to replace their hubs and fit an adaptor so they plug their home phone in . I already have a hub 3 so only need the adaptor and whatever else needed to plug my phone into the hub ? 



Thank you for that information. I will private message you now so I can take a look at your account. 


Replied with the info you requested