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Home phone Hub 4 what phone do I need?

Hi All

Apologies for the silly question. I have just had a Hub 4 installed and am getting TV, broadband and telephone. I don’t have a telephone yet but apparently it just needs to be connected to the Hub 4. I had a quick search to no avail but is there any phones recommended for this, or Will any phone do? 

I haven’t been given any instructions or boxes at all for any of the equipment I have been given by VM.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Home phone Hub 4 what phone do I need?

Hi there,

Any standard phone will work. You should have been sent an adaptor in your setup kit. I have attached a photo to show what your looking for. This plugs into the back of the hub and then your phone will plug into the adapter.

Thanks Joe. 


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Re: Home phone Hub 4 what phone do I need?

Hi @Scage


Welcome back to our Community Help Forum 🙂


Thank you for making this post regarding connecting a home phone to your new Hub 4. As @JOE-C advised, you can use any standard home phone.


For the steps on how to connect your home phone to your Hub, please visit


Kind regards,