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Home fibre switch over

Joining in

Since switching to fibre landline my house phone isn’t working after a few minutes making a call the phone cuts out after 2-10 minutes average, does anyone know why this is happening? I’ve tried rebooting and that hasn’t helped I’ve unplugged it all and that hasn’t made a difference either. I’ve tried to call Virgin today and been cut off. Thank you 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @June2023 thanks for your post here, although we're sorry to hear of your concerns raised here with your landline problems.

Are you able to please try an alternative handset if you have one, as this can possibly help?

Can you also please try the second port (there should be two listed TEL) to see if this makes a difference?
Many thanks


It’s the hub that keeps flashing so it’s not the phone, it’s something to do with the hub I think? 

Thanks for coming back to us June2023, what lights are flashing on the hub, also have you rebooted your hub since the issues started?

Kind Regards,