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Home Phone - upgrade to Fibre

I wonder if anyone can help me.

My mum has received a letter telling her that her landline needs to be updated to the new fibre system.

She doesn't currently have broadboad & as I understand it she will need a hub to access the fibre phone network.

My query is that she currently has her main phone downstairs & several extension around the house - how will this work going forward? Will it mean she needs work done around her house, or multiple hubs in order to keep using the extensions?

In addition she has a phone/fax on one extension & an answerphone on another - will these still work?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Home Phone - upgrade to Fibre

If your mum has no broadband, she will be given a VM hub which provides the phone service only. Broadband will not work on it. Beware of information from some branches of the VM support machine which may advise she has to take out broadband as recent topics have confirmed this is not required in relation to the requirements of phone switchover.

If she has extension sockets around the house, she needs to make sure that these are linked to the hub's phone socket as part of the installation process (so VM is aware this work needs to be done and the VM tech has enough time to do this as part of the switchover).

More info here

If she makes use of the fax, a recent topic advised that this may not work reliably on the new line.