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Home Phone not working

Joining in

Hi, I changed my package earlier this month and now my home phone isnt working, I've spent the last hour going around the chat bot loops to be told to call, and when I call I end up in a testing loop and cant find any options to talk to anyone. Anyone got any ideas of how to talk to a human at Virgin?

Thank you,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Garruff. 

Thank you for posting. Welcoming you with big virtual arms 😊.

Sorry to see your landline is not working, but we are glad you still decided to stay with us.

Do you have no dial tone?

Have you tried using another handset?

Please let us know what is happening with your landline. We will love to help.

Thank you.

Ari - Forum Team

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no dial tone and tried a wired handset aswell as a wireless.

Thank you,


Hey garruff, thanks for your posts and replies.

We're sorry to hear the issue is still present with a different handset tested too, we'll be happy to check this further for faults and assist you.

To enable me to look into this, I'm going to send you a PM. 
Please check the top-right corner of our forum and you should see a purple envelope. Click this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

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