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Home Phone - no adapter/Hub after switchover

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On the 29th July 2023 I phoned 0345 454 1111 and spoke with someone for 23 minutes advising them that my mum's home phone hadn't been working since May which was before the switch to digital so there must have been a fault. It was during the phone call I realised that the Hub was too old and not compatible plus my mum hadn't received the adapter so the woman I spoke with agreed to send a new Hub and arrange for an engineer to call in to make sure everything was working. 

On the 14th August 2023 I made a Complaint using the web page because my mum had still not received a new Hub and adapter and an engineer never turned up so my mum still couldn't use the phone. I also complained because my mum is still being charged for an additional box which hasn't been used for about three years. It was my dad who used that box however he died two years ago and was ill for about a year prior to his death. 

So to sum this up, my mum still can't use the home phone, still hasn't received a new Hub and adapter or a call from an engineer and is still being charged for the phone and for a box she doesn't use. When I made the complaint it advised that Virgin Media would respond within seven days. It is now the 12th of September and I haven't had any communication from you even though I gave you my mobile number and email address. It would appear to me that you are only interested in new customers and taking people's money and couldn't care less about helping your customers.  



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi laurie44,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to our community 🙂

Very sorry to hear of the situation, so I can help I've popped you over a private message to get a few more details from you.