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Home Phone call quality is terrible on 21CV

Joining in

Since being moved onto the 21CV through my Hub 3.0 my call quality is terrible 

Simply picking up the handset and turning the phone on before dialling a number there is a load buzzing and sometimes a screeching feedback on the phone 

Various engineers have told me this is normal and my connection is fine

.I am using a BT Dect twin set phone just over one year old using an ext cable it makes no difference if I connect my phone directly too the Hub

I have taken my phone to a neighbour's house and it works correctly

The 21CV is the problem I was changed over due to the street junction box I was connected with was the problem and it was easier for VM to move me onto the Hub 21CV (Cut down VOIP system)

I am now finding it very difficult when elderly friend family call me from their landlines to my landline it can be at times I can't make anything out


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jeffeyg


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the call quality.


Can you please first check here to ensure this is connected correctly?


As you are using an extension cable, If you could plug your phone into the ‘TEL 1’ Socket on the back of the Hub 3.0 using the cable/adaptors provided during install and let us know if this then resolves the issue that would be appreciated. 


If it doesn't, could you please try another handset if possible?


Please pop back to us when you can. 





Vikki - Forum Team

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