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HiPhone calls claiming to be from Virgin Media (but not)


We have started getting phone calls claiming to be from Virgin Media about a problem with the Internet commection


I am certain they are NOT from Virgin Media - it is some sort of scam and will probably end up trying to get me to let them logon to my system


Normally this is not a problem - I know what I am doing and would never let them do this - they normally don't rings back once they know this

However, this lot seem determined. The phone calls have become quite frequent - call most days and sometimes several calls a day.

Today there have been 2 calls -the first just before 8 a.m. - and as we are retired this is toooo early!


Is there any way we can block these calls - the displayed numbers are variable so just blocking an incoming number isn't possible

We also can't block unknown numbers as we have genuine calls coming in sometimes that are new to us



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Re: HiPhone calls claiming to be from Virgin Media (but not)

No you can't block them. No, VM can't block them. Yes, the calls are on the rise. But they use spoofed numbers and often copy genuine numbers now. Yes, you are right that if you or VM could block then you might not receive genuine calls from numbers you don't immediately recognise. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Best advice, the scammers move on fairly quickly. Let the calls go to voice mail and if it is genuine and they start to leave a message you can pick up. Or you can just put down the phone.

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