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HUB 5 causing multiple ghost calls to ping landline - any solution YET?

Tuning in

I have a BT call guardian phone that works perfectly, was connected to last router still worked perfectly. 

Hub 5 installed 7 days ago & since the. My landline is being pinged multiple times in 24 hrs every day. I can see from historical posts that this appears to be an issue VM is well aware of & their IT is working on a solution.

Anytime I try to explain this to customer service they think I am referring to actual calls that a call blocker is preventing. It’s not, going by older posts since last year it’s a computer signal pinging the landline so just wondering are VM any closer to a solution?





@Christinee1 wrote:

The issue of BT Home Hub 5 causing multiple ghost calls to ping landline is a known problem, and BT has released a firmware update to address it.To resolve the issue, you can check if your Home Hub 5 is running the latest firmware version. If not, update it to the latest version. You can also try disabling SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) in the Home Hub 5 settings, as this has been known to cause similar issues.If the issue persists after updating the firmware and disabling SIP ALG, contact BT customer support for further assistance.  MyBKExperience Survey

I hope my suggestion is work for you.

Joining in

Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Works like a charm! The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution.