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Going round and round in circles with Virgin Media Customer Service

I’ve gone round and round in circles this afternoon with Virgin Media Customer Service this afternoon and on the phone 3 times doing what they said and had to do. Also doing tests at there end and even put through to the technical department and basically I’m hoping someone from Virgin Media might reply on here although I know I might have to wait 7 days. As the Virgin Media Telephone number was non geographical I was able to use my landline to phone Virgin with no problems.

It started off this afternoon when I couldn’t hear anyone’s landline telephone number ringing out locally in my area where I live, but could hear them pick up the telephone from there end and my friend could hear me speak, but I couldn’t hear my friend. I contacted the same friends on my mobile and my friends said they could hear me, but I couldn’t hear them. When I phone out with my landline outside of my own exchange to other parts of the UK, I can hear the telephone ring out and talk to people as well. No problems phoning to mobiles, non geographical numbers either. I’ve also tried phoning other local landline numbers with the same problems. The technician at a higher level said I had to phone my own area code in from of any local telephone number. But that’s not the case of cause, as of course I’ve always phoned local landlines without using the area code. I’ve tried doing that locally to see if that helps. But that’s made no difference I had finished arguing with the technician at a higher level I just feel exhausted as I’m no further forward. Hopefully one of the Virgin Staff from the UK will be able to help, as at the moment when my 12 month contract comes to an end of January I will leave Virgin Media. I’m sorry to go on like this, but my first major encounter with Virgin Media Customer Service today has been terrible. Hopefully someone from the staff from Virgin Media in the UK will reply to this after 7 days and not from elsewhere.

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Re: Going round and round in circles with Virgin Media Customer Service



Thank you very much for your post. We are very sorry to hear you have had some issues with your landline, we would certainly like to have a further look into this for you. It will require a private message in order to ask some security questions and gather further details from you. I will follow up right away.


Many thanks,



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