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Ghost calls and no number calls.

Joining in

We have been receiving between 10 and 20 ghost calls every day for the last six months. Virgin media insist it is not a problem of their making, you want to try and convince my wife of that. She is now addicted to checking the phone at least ten times a day and makes a list of the time and date for those calls, it has taken over her life. An engineer has been out twice to put filters on etc and resetting the hub, they even tried moving the hub but the new hub5 was not able to provide a good enough wi fi signal to the back of the house and as the new hub 5 cannot work with the extending discs it had to be moved back to the original position. This problem is an intrusion on the well being of my wife but virgin media cannot solve it. The problem is that now we are on Virgin O2 for our mobile phone and the signal is so poor we cannot use the mobile around the house and we therefore rely on the landline.

Come on Virgin Media accept that it is an issue and put some resource into solving it.


Alessandro Volta

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but recent updates look as if it has been resolved with a firmware update for the hub.


Restart your Hub 5 & the fix for Ghost Calls should be applied.