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Ghost calls Virgin landline

On our wavelength

I signed up with Virgin in September and ever since I receive multiple ghost calls every day recorded on my phones call list. They are all  from "No Number" and the phone does not ring, the only way I am aware is when the "call list" alerts it is full. This happens  between 3 and 10 times every day and though reported several times as a complaint nothing is ever done. I suspect it could be caused by Port scans from Virgin but it does need to stop! HELP


Tuning in

I have recently had my landline connected to the hub and am experiencing

the ghost call problem

is there a fix available or is the problem ongoing 


I've been connected via my hub for a numb er of months, and, despite many calls to VM Customer Services still receive up to 20 VOIP calls per day.  I just delete these regularly but they're annoying rather than an nuisance and don't affect the "proper" telephone calls.



Will anyone from Virgin pick up this message and respond ?

Alessandro Volta

@Fairfork wrote:

Will anyone from Virgin pick up this message and respond ?

The main topic about this issue is here, should you wish to follow

which includes VM responses (although VM's response(s) to the issue have, so far, done nothing to resolve the problem, it seems)

Hi @Fairfork thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Sorry to hear you're experiencing the 'ghost calls' issue since your migration to 21CV.  We're aware of the issue and are working to resolve this.



Joining in

Ask to be downgraded to a hub 4 or 3 until the issue is resolved. That’s what I’ve just done.

Downgrade to a hub 4 or 3 until the issue is resolved 

Ask to downgrade to a hub 4 or 3 until it is resolved