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Getting charged for phone unable to use

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Help required I have cancelled with virgin media give the 30 day notice and returned the equipment all ok . Now the problems begin I have went with another provider who was transferring my home landline number over to . Unfortunately they has been a delay in this happing due to problems with an open reach line. So in the mean time unknown to me I have been getting billed of virgin for keeping a line active to transfer the number . I can not use the line as I have handed the equipment back and did not personally ask to keep the line open . After speaking to virgin which is a challenge in itself they informed me I could not cancel the line as it had been requested to be kept open by sky and they would have to cancel this . My question is if I can’t cancel this service which I can’t use how can they bill me for it as surely it must be sky who should be billed and then if so sky pass the charges on to me . I am now in the position of losing my landline number or keep paying a bill each month for nothing could anybody give me any advice on this .

Many thanks and sorry for war and peace .


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MRobinson69

Thank you for your post, I'm sorry to hear there has been an issue with your number port.

If you are wanting to port your landline number over to Sky, you would need to keep the landline service active with us to ensure it ports successfully. By cancelling the line with us before the port has gone ahead, this would mean that you would lose your number. We would continue to charge you for the landline service as long as it is active. I'm afraid that as you have returned the Hub back to us, we wouldn't be able to send this back out out to you. 

For any issues with the port itself, this is something you would need to discuss with Sky. Depending on whether the issue lies with them or with us, they would be the ones who liaise with us to resolve.

If you'd like us to cancel the line, that's not a problem at all, however it would cause problems with the port.