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Fraudulent direct debit charge

So after being a Virgin Media Customer since the old Telewest days I was forced to move to a different provider at the beginning of the year due to the unreliable wifi signal my wife was receiving     since having to permanently work at home for the NHS during lockdown.

I signed up for a yearly contract which with a new provider which I thought would give me time to install some ethernet cables throughout the house and re-evaluate the situation once the new contract ended.

Unfortunately unknown to both my wife and I it appears Virgin have still been charging me for a land line service I no longer have and had previously cancelled. We realised rather belatedly a direct debit charge of £11.25 has been coming out our account for the past 4 months.

On contacting Virgin customer services I was told that this was their policy and there was nothing they could do. Slightly bemused by the unhelpful nature of the call I requested to speak to a manager and was told that they will arrange a call back within 70 hours, needless to say 7 days later no call back.

If indeed keeping the landline open (for passing the number over I presume) is a Virgin policy then why was this not explained to me during the cancellation process and secondly after this current phone call, Virgin then decided to finally cancel the land line begging the question what was the difference from doing it now to not doing it back in January.

I then find out that my new provider requested my Virgin land line number, which once again should have triggered the cancellation process, but Virgin refused or neglected to pass the number over. This now explains why at the time I was without a land line for 2 weeks and eventually forced to take a different land line number.

So all in all it appears Virgin have been taking money from my account fraudulently and I've been informed by my new provider that Virgin are legally bound to make a refund on this money.

To add insult to injury if you try to click the complaint link on the Virgin media website the link appears to be dead, hence using this message board in the faint hope that a Virgin moderator may pick up the thread before takin g this further.

One thing for sure is once my current contract with my new provider is up I know one company I can immediately cross of the list 


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Fraudulent direct debit charge

Hello @oldmetalhead.


Welcome back to the community page, thank you for posting on here.


I am sorry about everything that has happened.


I would love to help you further, I will send you a private message so I can help you more.


Look forward to speaking with you.

Forum Team

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