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Flashing green light

Joining in

Probably barking up the wrong tree here but it’s driving me mad. We have a BT big button phone at home but my landline is with yourselves. We had a voicemail that I’ve recently deleted but it’s still flashing green? Is this something you could help me with?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Georgiahx,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you're having some voicemail issues. Just to confirm when dialling 1571 does it confirm there are no old or new voicemails waiting?


Yeah it says there are no voicemails 🥲 but still flashing 

Thanks for confirming, are you able to try leaving a voicemail for yourself, then deleting it to see if this clears it?


I’ve tried that but that voicemail isn’t coming through. Still saying no messages but I know there should be one now

Hi Georgiahx,

Thank you for reaching back out, in regards to your handset, does this have a built in Voicemail, if it has have you tried a phone which doesn't?



Alessandro Volta

I presume you are referring to a 'message waiting' indicator on the phone which is flashing (even when you have no messages).

While the message light is flashing, and when you pick up the handset at the same time, do you get the slightly-different 'broken' dial tone sound which notifies you of a message waiting?

There have been quite a few topics on here where the customer reports the dial tone warning is there, even with no messages waiting.