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Fibre switchover

Joining in

When is the switch over date for B98 7RN postcode


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sivadar,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, all customer will receive Email confirmation advising when our Landline Switchover will take place.



On our wavelength

For Redditch District the Consumer Final Migrations date is 01/06/2023 so will be between now and then. You'll receive an email with your switch date within the above period.

Well that is Rubbish!  I had several mobile calls to advise that friends couldn't get through or leave messages. It wasn't till I checked and found home phone dead!!!!.

What happened to the pre advice. ??

No email advice.Found out phone was dead by pure chance the other day. Double standards by VM again

Hi Sivadar,

From looking at this end, it looks like your landline service is now set up on the fibre network. Do you have your RJ11 adapter? It's a small and white, and you should have received this in the post.

You should now be able to use your landline handset through the Hub and receive a connection.

Let us know 😊


Yes I have adapter and now fitted. (Yesterday). My complaint is that I was never given a date. It was only after friends said they couldn't call landline. I checked and it was dead. 

Hi Sivadar,

My apologies - I thought that you meant you just had a fault with your landline service when connected through the wall socket.

You should have received a letter along with your adapter with notice of when your landline was due to switch over, I can only apologise if you did not receive this.

If you do need any further help from here, please let us know. We'll be more than happy to assist.