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Fibre phone

Tuning in

You have switched me to the new fibre phone connection & i have followed all the instructions but i have no landline. Rang for help & was told ring back after 10 mins for results of the check & when i did i was told exactly the same thing. Now been waiting for 20 mins on mobile for some help. Tried a non cordless phone but still no dial tone . 


Fibre optic

Make sure that you plug the adapter in the upper of the two 'phone sockets.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Clivebn


Thank you for posting on the forum in regards to your landline and the changes, we appreciate the confusion this can cause and you raising this via the forums.


We can see you have spoken to the team in regards to this, were they able to offer an explanation or resolution to your query during the call?



Hi thanks for the message. No they didn't manage to explain or fix the problem. They said the problem was upgraded & connected me to the next level up, after hanging on for another 35mins I gave up as I needed to go out. Just for the hell of it I plugged the phone back into the Coaxial box & lo &  behold it started working & still is. So it looks like the change over to fibre never happened & they switched it back on again after my phone call . Not impressed with the planned switch & I am hoping that all of a sudden I am left without a landline. Any info you can give me would be appreciated 

Obviously as the instructions told me to do that I did &also rebooted the router. Also when I was on the phone to them they checked & confirmed I had carried out there instructions 

Hello Clivebn.

Thankyou for explaining.

Just to confirm your Telephone service is still working in the traditional socket?

If you do have any more issues, please can you pop back on here and let us know.