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Fibre phone service not working after having my old VM phone line cut off

Joining in

I don't use my landline service often, but I went to use it the other day and found there was no dial tone. Ran through the online checks, and didn't find any problems. Online troubleshooter was worse than useless so called up to get some assistance. This also ran through troubleshooting, which didn't work either, and just told me to ring back for my results, which never ever appeared.

In the end, I got through to an agent, who advised that my phone line service had been disconnected. Wow, thanks! But it's okay, I was told, I was being migrated to the new Fibre phone service! 

I told the agent, that is not the point, you have physically removed a service that I am paying for, without any notification or warning. I mean, this is a breach of Ofcoms GC of entitlement, sections B4 and C5, but I digress.

The agent then arranged for an ATA to be sent out, which it did. However, after plugging it and my phone into it, it doesn't work. Check on the modem, Telephone service? Disabled. Wow, thanks for the speedy and trouble-free switch over!

Can someone please sort this out? It's bad enough you terminate my service without even informing me, but then having the replacement service totally non-functional is simply unacceptable.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi dr_krippen,

Thank you for reaching back out, it has been a while, hope you have kept well, sorry to hear your Phoneline isn't working and that you have received an adaptor which still hasn't fixed the issue, have you tried plugging the phone back into the wall socket to make sure the switch has took place?



Hi Paul,

The original PSTN line is as dead as a doornail. Plugging the phone into that I get no dialtone or anything. I was told, wnen I called up, that I had "already been moved" onto the newer fibre (VoIP) service, so the ATA was all I required to bring my telephone service back up again.

Indeed, I checked the status of the telephone service on my router (currently working as a modem, but I read that that is fine) and it says the telephone service is "de-activated", so i suspect that the VoIP service hasn't in fact been switched on, and that it either needs to be, or I need an engineer to come out and sort out the older PSTN line out. As I have no idea of knowing if the Fibre voice service is available in my area or not, I cannot say which is needed :).


Thank you for getting back to us Dr_Krippen.

So I can look into this and see what is going on. 

I will be private messaging you. 

Please watch out for the envelope. 

Thank you.

Ari - Forum Team

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