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Fibre phone line

Joining in

We turn off the WiFi router at night and cannot be with out a phone line. What solution has VM for this.



There is no simple/free solution, unfortunately, other than to leave the VM router on if you want to receive calls at night via your VM landline.

I think unless VM can't offer a solution then we will need to leave VM 

Unfortunately even if you move to another supplier you would be faced with a similar issue as all providers are implementing this change. See below

So basically we are being forced into a situation where we have worse service that doesn't work for all consumers.

Wonder if VM will help with the extra cost of running the router and tivo box 24 hours a day they should be seen to be saving us money not putting us in to further debt.

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Agreed, It's like going backwards 100 years. People have lived all their lives trusting that a telephone will work when needed in an emergency (even usually in a powercut) or knowing that a hospital can call you day or night. The worst thing for me, given how unreliable the internet is and with powercuts anywhere between home and VM and regular "maintenance reboots" etc, the caller just gets connected briefly and then disconnected and charged for a minimum duration call. Leaving elderly vulnerable people confused and distressed when trying to call you. The least VM should do is having a recorded message saying the call cannot be connected at this time. I tried reporting this on here but VM didn't seem to care and/or avoided the subject completely. I also tried to get free voicemail enabled (it's an advertised feature) so they could at least leave a message, at these times, but that proved impossible and was met the usual farce and waste of time going through "customer support" and even asking basic questions to determine if it would even be suitable met with similar nonsensical responses here. I agree switching to a more professional supplier who will have considered these issues properly and provide a professional solution is the only option, especially when getting customer support with VM can seemingly only now be done by having to post publicly on a community discussion forum and give away private information to some community discussion forum person, waiting a few days and hoping for the best or doing some whatshap fandango.

Hello Jon975,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry to hear about your experience with calling us.

Can I ask if you still wish for the free voicemail to be added as I can get that done for you.

I will need to pass security first and it take up to 24 hours to be active.