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Fibre phone and adaptor

Joining in

Contacted via150 re fibre upgrade. Was advised would be sent upgrade hub and adaptor. Received and installed hub today...but no adaptor supplied. Is this likely to arrive separately? Or, as I suspect, was it forgotten? What now? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi dhutch,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, before we complete your Landline Switchover, we will make sure you have the correct Router and the Adaptor will follow before completion, if you do need any further help in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach back out.



Still no sign of adapter.  See last paragraph below ...

Phoned Virgin on 150 on another matter ... They've charged me £5 for sending me the new hub! The hub that they said they had to send me because the old one wasn't compatible with the adapter/fibre telephone! Quite annoyed they'd charged postage for something outwith my control! Told couldn't refund, as already paid!? 

During the phone call, I mentioned the adapter ... the advisor then tells me that an adapter is NOT required. Now confused. 

Hi @dhutch 

Have you communication advising of when you switchover date for the area is? We should of sent communication to you advising this. 
You should then receive the adaptor 2-3 weeks before the date communicated on your letter, we will send you a SMS before your switchover date to ensure you have received everything you need also. 


Please let me know if your switchover date is confirmed to be within the next 2 weeks and we'll see if we can investigate this further for you. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Thank you for the speedy reply. Believe there was a letter. Unfortunately, disappeared, but seem to recall a date sometime in March. So sounds as if I may be premature in my concerns🙂

Fingers crossed... 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @dhutch,

Thanks for coming back to us. I'll be more than happy to look into this further for you and confirm your Switchover date for you. 🙂

I will send you a Private Message to confirm a few details. Please keep an eye out for a purple envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. I'll be in touch soon.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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@dhutch Incidentally how did you go about getting the hub sent? It's seemingly a piece of cake for some customers to get a hub sent and difficult for others. Maybe it very much depends on whom you get on the other end of the phone that's been known before. If I don't get a mail saying one will be sent before March 7th I may just ask the technician to just hand me the hub. It seems a bit silly when he could be at those who need rewiring jobs etc Also I don't think you should be charged anything.

You're probably right. Suspect it depends on which call handler.... er... handles your call. Lucky to get a surprisingly pleasant and helpful lady in, I believe, some foreign land .... although, I suspect she struggled more with my Scots accent than I did with hers. Straightforward call... told my old hub couldn't support fibre/ adapter, immediately suggested they'd send new hub... which arrived quickly. No one more surprised.

In contrast the call today, regarding the odd, unexpected charge, was less satisfying... OK, only £5, but, I feel, unfair nonetheless. (was also advised that my package price will soon be increasing... so may well be the proverbial straw  in considering whether to continue with Virgin)