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Fibre Telephone Switchover

Tuning in

Confused over the Virgin Fibre Telephone service switchover (am just awaiting confirmation letter) also supply TV and broadband.

  • As I understand after the switchover date the single BT/NTL style main telephone line become inactive and you need to directly plug the supplied Virgin telephone cable extension into the Hub with a series of extensions cables linking each of your phone sockets.

  • To maintain a fully functional working telephone the Hub needs to be plugged into the mains at all times via the Fibre network.

The main issue I have is in the house the arrangement is as we have is as follows:

    1   The main BT/NTL/Virgin style socket telephone enters the property to use an Analogue             phone with batteries after mains socket nearby.

    2. Three extensions one analogue and 2 DECT phone in rooms but with only 1 mains socket.

    3  A Hub located in a spare room to obtain max WiFi coverage use single socket.

    4  All extensions leads run under floorboards and carpets so impractical to just change

Other issues are

  • We have no telephone service if not resolved, both elderly and need a working telephone line to connect to other than emergency services. A battery powered analogue telephone was chosen as the main phone since NO mains socket was nearby.

  • The Virgin Hub extension is so short can only link to one extension lead to DECT phone.

  • The main phone only through existing cables under not sure of route via extension I think.


    This needs resolving asap to our satisfaction otherwise will be be leaving Virgin Media


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello grem411. 

Thanks for your post.

Also thank you for letting us know about your pending switchover to our Fibre phone service.

As part of the switchover this can be done by the customer, or if preferred we can look at getting a Technician out to connect the existing sockets and extensions up.

I am happy to take a look at this for you.

I will need to pass security first though.

If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

1. This is not an issue as all sockets can be activated from any extension socket in the house

2. Same as 1

3. If you have a telephone socket in that room that is a good place to backfeed.

4. Same as 1


All providers are moving to this type of service, some areas like mine openreach are only installing fibre lines also so people have to move with the times. Change is happening and you may have to keep a mobile phone for emergency during power failure.

Also you can buy cordless phones with 4 slaves so can do away with the co.plicated extension wiring.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello grem411, 

Just a quick message to see if you received the Private Message I sent to you? ^GT