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Fibre Switch Over

On our wavelength

So I've just wasted 20 mins going through the various menu options to attempt to speak to a human, yeah we know VM has almost removed this ability, but there are still some about so I'm told.


The issue is that I have received a message that the fibre adapter has been posted, but here's the problem. The not-so superhub is upstairs, the phone line is downstairs. How am I meant to plug to two together without having to run cables all over the house?


Also the hub gets turned off when not in use, does this stop the phone usage? I bet it will. 😞


Answers on a postcard please. I did previously get some messages from Robert_P who supplied a phone number (150) and option 1, then option 2, but these are not valid options to speak to a human. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @FishFD3S 

Welcome back to the forums

Sorry to hear of your concerns with your home set up and the new landline fibre migration. 

I can see your previous thread open on the same issue and have been advised that we can re-wire the home if you would prefer to keep your in home set up the same. Alternatively, we can move the router to the phone or you can also move the phone to the router to complete the set up. 


If you switched the router off, then yes your landline would not work as it would require the router to be on to get the service. 

If you would like for us to make arrangements for the re-wire or discuss your account further, we would need to pass account security, If you're happy to proceed over the forums, please contact my colleague again on the open private message and they'll be able to assist further. 


You can also call us directly on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other service/line and the team will also be able to assist further after passing account security. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

On our wavelength

Hi Carley, I have tried the 150 number and it goes around in circles with no option to actually talk to a human. The options for phone line are only relating to faults, nothing for this upgrade that Virgin are implementing.


The support service that Virgin supply left the building years ago. I will not be providing 'security' answers on a public forum, even by PM, and it's quite naieve to expect this.

Sorry to hear you feel this way. 


The security questions we ask through private message are relating to the account you wish to discuss. We hold account security very seriously so we would not be able to support further via the forums without first successfully completing this. We would also need to pass account security by any other means you contact us. 


If the options you are selecting are not forwarding you to an agent, you can try not selecting an option, this will make the automated service direct your query to customer services that can help direct your call to the needed department. The options should cycle 3 times before it will advise that it will forward you to the next available agent. This option is in place for those with any accessibility needs or those that are not able to select options when requested. 


Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Alessandro Volta

The outline of the answers to your questions are in your earlier topic.

If you want wired telephone connections in your home, then you will have to have some kind of wiring modifications to make this work as the source of your VM landline at your property has changed from the plastic omnibox outside to the telephone socket on the back of the hub. So you will need some additional wiring to link the hub telephone socket to your extension sockets. How much wiring is involved will depend on you existing equipment locations and cable runs.

If you don't want any rewiring at all then you will need to use cordless phones (at a cost to you) by plugging the base station into the hub and using cordless handsets around the home as required.

Being asked security questions, via PM, on the forum is normal before the forum team discuss your account. If you phone in you would either have to do the same or use selected letters from the telephone password to pass security.

If you don't know your telephone password it is now possible to change that online in 'My Virgin Media'.