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Fibre Phone answering machine

On our wavelength

My landline has just been switched over to my Hub3 ("Fibre Phone"). My own phones' base station has an answer phone built in that is set to answer after 30 seconds. Since switchover I find that after 25 seconds the line is answered by a Virgin provided system so no messages are recorded on my system. The line now has intermittent dialtone which I assume means messages are waiting. Online I found that I need to dial 1571 to access them but then I'm asked for a PIN that I'm not aware I've ever set and none I've tried work.

So two questions: 1) how do I set the answer time on the network voicemail to longer than 30 seconds so mine cuts in first and 2) what PIN do I need to use to access the messages that have already been left?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello glasspath.

Thank you very much for joining our Community.

Sorry to hear about the upgrade not going to plan.

There are a few options for the Voicemail.

First bring, we can remove our Voicemail facility from the line so you are solely using your base units answering machine.

The time ours cuts in can only be set to a maximum of 30 seconds.

The pin number would be account specific and is used mainly to listen to messages if you are away from the property. 

Would you like me to take a look at removing our voicemail option after I have advised you of the required pin number?

I will need to access your account after passing security over a private message, which can be found at the top right of your screen.





Consider the upsides of the VM answer phone option.

E.g. it can take a message during a phone call / during a power cut / during a service fault & you can use any phone to re-play the messages.

On our wavelength

You make fair points Client62 but my current Gigaset machine also allows remote access. I agree the power cut point is more relevant now that the phone line relies on mains power to the VM hub.

But I'm needing the assistance I asked for above because the changes to voicemail that would occur when my line was migrated to "fibre" were not pointed out anywhere, as far as I can see.

The other issue with network voicemail is that the indication of messages waiting is intermittent dialtone, but I never hear a dialtone on my cordless handsets so this is no use, whereas the Gigaset system has a message waiting flashing light on the handsets.