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Fibre Phone Adaptor

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I don’t want my home phone next to my modem can I put the adapter into a power line adapter where I actually need my phone? 


Alessandro Volta

@Petet2703 wrote:

I don’t want my home phone next to my modem can I put the adapter into a power line adapter where I actually need my phone? 

A conventional phone won't work via a powerline adapter. You can use a cordless phone system (at a cost to you to purchase). Plug the base station into the VM hub and use cordless handsets around the home as required.

Alternatively, ask VM (via the VM forum team on here, when they reply to this topic) to modify your home phone wiring so you can use your existing landline extension sockets via the phone connection from the VM hub.

VM should offer to do this free of charge for you as part of the switchover process.

Make sure they make modifications to your phone wiring so you can keep each piece of equipment in the same place (rather than the offer which sometimes crops up on here to move the hub to a different location)

Refer here

Do I need to book a technician visit?

You’ll need to book a free technician visit if...

  • You rely on your landline for accessibility needs or don’t have a mobile to make an emergency call – we’ll provide you with an Emergency Back Up Line so you’re always able to call emergency services.
  • You’ve got connected devices such as a burglar alarm linked to a control centre, use a telecare device, or have other phones connected to extension sockets. You’ll need to contact your provider and let them know about the switch if you have any of these to make sure they’re compatible with a fibre service.
  • The Hub and your home phone can’t be placed near each other.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Petet2703, welcome to our help forums and the community.
Thank you for your first post, we'd love to assist with your landline query.

Glad to see you've already received some useful advice from goslow above, has this helped with your question?

We'd like to also confirm a landline via the hub will only work when the handset connects either directly to the hub's telephone port (using the adaptor we provide) or via an extension telephone socket (which would require an engineer visit though to ensure you have the correct set up in this case).

We can assist by arranging an appointment for you, we can relocate your hub or phone and/or link your extension sockets in use.

Please, visit our link here for more on the home phone switchover and all FAQs related to this process.

Let us know if you wish us to help, we'll be here to assist further.

Forum Team

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