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Fibre Phone Adaptor

Joining in

VM have sent me a Fibre Phone adaptor, however the hub is in my lounge (Hard-wired to my Tivo box and my TV) and my main phone point is in the hallway (Approx 7m away). I do not want my phone re-located to the lounge and do not want my hub re-located to the hall. Because the VM deadline has passed, VM have given me the following options: 1) Pay £25 for an engineer to try and resolve, or 2) remove the landline from my package and use another provider that uses a copper connection. I spoke to VM Customer Care and explained that due to VM's arbitrary decision to upgrade to Fibre across the whole of their customer base, I either will have to re-locate equipment or cancel services. If I cancel the landline then I will be financially inconvenienced, as the reduction from my VM package will not cover the new service from BT. Since I signed up to a package including TV, Broadband and Landline there is an argument that VM are now in breach of contract. VM have now agreed to send an engineer at no charge to see if they can resolve the issue (i.e. re-cabling), although not until mid-December. Maybe Virgin should have thought a little more about the various scenarios prior to this roll-out, instead of taking the re-active approach they have?


Alessandro Volta

Unfortunately, moving to a new provider won't really be a solution as all telecom's providers are moving to a phone-via-router service

A further option (which is 'wires-free' but at a cost to you) would be to use a cordless phone system. Plug the cordless base station into the VM hub (many models allow the base station to be set to silent) and use cordless satellite phones around the home as required.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Nickt747,

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Community.

Sorry it was regarding the location of the Telephone and the Hub.

We are positive the engineer will be able to relay an extension from the Hub and keep the Telephone where it is.

Would you like me to see if we can bring the appointment forward for you?