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Fibre Phone Adapter

Joining in

We have received our Fibre Phone Adapter. Our current phone connection is on the wall in our lounge at the front of the house, the Virgin hub is upstairs at the opposite end of the house, some 30plus feet away and one floor up. I'm sure hundreds of households are in the same position. What's the Plan Virgin?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @KJM61 👋.

Thanks for your post in reaching out to us with your issue.

In the event where the Hub is not near the primary phone in the property, we can arrange for an engineer to come round and relocate the two together. This can be done via the app 👉 Should you face any issues, please come back to us here and we can assist you further.

Many thanks.



Ah now, herein is the problem.

What Sabrina is suggesting is that VM (no doubt as a massive favour to you, and no extra cost) will come round and move either the phone or the hub to be next to each other. Problem solved yes?

Well suppose that isn’t acceptable to you, maybe you need the hub where it is because you have devices hard wired into it, and moving the phone isn’t an option either? Tough, yes?

Well no, according to the regs. VM are also obliged to make 'reasonable adjustments’, ie run additional cables between where your hub is and where the phone currently is - there is no onus on you to have to re-arrange anything. And this can be done fairly unobtrusively as there is already connections between the Hub and phone via the Omnibox on the outside wall, so it’s not impossible to push additional cables through the existing holes in the wall.

However, this involves extra costs on VM’s part, plus making sure they send a tech who understands how to do this, (reports on here have indicated them sending two or three to a customer before one appears who is prepared to or competent to carry this out). I’m sure that Sabrina simply forgot to mention that this (more costly to VM) option was available to you, indeed one you can insist on as per the OFCOM regulations, and will no doubt be back on here to explain the situation and arrange a suitably qualified tech.