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Faulty landline and slowish internet

Joining in

Hi Team,


I trust you are well. Unfortunately our landline hasn't work for a week or so now. We can ring it from our mobiles and it rings but none of the phones ring. We also cannot make outbound calls. 

Please could you contact me on my mobile [REMOVED]. The internet service also hasn't been great.







[MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post.]


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mravendradas, thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the landline 😞 Please be aware our team may edit the post to remove any personal information for your own safety, we do not make calls from here unfortunately.

I have had a look and I can see that there is a fault in the area affecting the landline services.
The estimated repair time is for today at 18:05 hours.
Please check the landline then and let us know how it is.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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t grateful for your swift response thank you!

Hey mravendradas, no problem at all. Thank 

Matt - Forum Team

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