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Fake 'Internet Cut Off' calls from random numbers every 30 minutes for two days

Since Friday morning, every 20-40 minutes (random), a new totally random number has called claiming the internet will be cut off, you know the usual scam thing to try and get you to press a button or whatever.

I learned that VOIP companies literally let people enter ANY NUMBER as the "from", and that is accepted with no filters, no limits, no checks, and sent through our phone network.  They could even call you from your own number.  How on earth was this allowed/thought of as fine by the organisations involved!? 

Is there nothing at all Virgin can do at THEIR level - eg, an opt-in that lets people block all calls that are from VOIP services?  I'd be 100% fine with only receiving calls from numbers where the number really is the one calling.  

I have just spent £100 to order a TrueCall blocking device - but really this seems like an issue that should be fixed and that phone providers should be pushing Ofcom/whoever would need to be pushed, to get a solution worked on properly for this.  Are Virgin able to offer any services like block all VOIP-based incoming calls?  If not, are they able to keep pushing Ofcom/whoever that customers need this problem solving?

It just seems insane to me that such number spoofing is fine, unfiltered, allowed, and has absolutely no limitations whatsoever, and the end-line customers are expected to fork out £50-£100 to provide SOME form of protection.

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Re: Fake 'Internet Cut Off' calls from random numbers every 30 minutes for two days

The matter of scam calls and spoofed caller ID is a national and international issue. In the US they are pushing through legislation for this with a process referred to as STIR and SHAKEN.

When I last checked online, OFCOM were 'consulting' and carrying out research on how such a process might be applied in the UK.

It is annoying to have to spend any money on a call blocker but, having used the trueCall device myself, I would be confident that will deal with the problem for you, so only calls you want to receive ring through to your phone.

If it is any use to you, I posted my experience of first setup of the trueCall here

By way of a 'top tip' in setting up the trueCall, I would recommend setting the blocking to what trueCall refers to as "shield" (requires a button press to progress the call) AND what they refer to as "whisper" (caller has to announce who they are). Using both these functions together blocked out all of the unwanted calls for me.

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Re: Fake 'Internet Cut Off' calls from random numbers every 30 minutes for two days


I am getting these, some claim to be Ofcom or BT/others, and ask you to press a button, 1,2 ,5 or 9

They are all from voip telephone numbers and are not traceable, probably outside of the UK.

I have had 12 of these calls over the last few years but 4 since January so they are increasing-2 this week.

I do not press the button as they will direct you to a scammer who will ask you to switch on your computer and communicate with the scammer.

I am alarmed these voip calls can get through the phone system so easily as they are not normal numbers,so virgin  are  allowing these scam telephone numbers through, and the number changes each time, some even have a fake area code local to your area to make it look genuine.

As my ip address is blacklisted on many lists  (I was issued a new "blacklisted IP address" by virgin recently replacing a clean one), perhaps they are aware of my ip address from activities of the previous user of the ip address?



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