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Failure to transfer phone number

Today I have spent over 5 hours trying to find out why our main phone number was not transferred from Sky to Virgin Media on the days prior to the Sky service finishing.

This is a number we need for elderly care emergency call out as we are the first call by the care company and Telecare red button contact. 

Our elderly parent cannot cope with change and will not remember to dial a new number and all the carers have our home number. 

The advertising  of Virgin states a smooth transfer..... Well perhaps not as I can see as other posts of this happening again Sky/Virgin..... and one in a similar serious health care issue. 

I have a confirmed email message not to contact the current service provider to cancel the service as Virgin WILL transfer inside of 10 days of our service starting on the 23rd of April. 

After speaking today to the customer service team at Virgin, I went from being told I had not asked for the transfer to finally being told yes it does show I asked for the transfer. 

I was told that now the Sky number no longer works it is not possible to action but I need to speak to Sky and get it 're-connected' and Virgin will pay the reconnection so in fact accepting responsibility. 

I did ring Sky, was told it was down to Virgin but speak to BT. They again say it is Virgins responsibility for getting it done. Again speak to Virgin customer service and again told it is no longer able but they have tried 5 times to get the number ported and again speak to BT.... Again I speak to BT and get advised that Virgin need to engage this time with Openreach who control the numbers and it is 100% Virgin who have failed to comply with what should be a simple process. 

Someone at Virgin did ring me back and said they will fill a form in.... But I await with baited breath and will not resolve a mess we now find ourselves in. 

If you want to experience 5 hours plus of calls and waste your breath then please think carefully before joining Virgin as we are in a desperate situation with health care as a result of incompetent operations at Virgin. 


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Forum Team
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Re: Failure to transfer phone number

Hi there Barryh104, 


Welcome to the forums and for your first post - I was very sorry to understand that there have been some issues with bringing your number over to us from your old provider. 

In order to bring the number to us, the number must remain active with your old provider or we can't bring it to us. 


What I will do is pop you a Private Message so we can take some information from you and see what we can do to assist you.


Please look out for the Purple Envelope and pop me a reply when you can. 



Katie - Forum Team

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