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Excessive marketing calls

Hi there,

I have received 10 calls from the ‘Virgin Media Technical Department’ this morning alone. Occasionally there is no one on the other end, or they say that there is a security issue with my internet. 

I am not with Virgin Media and when questioned as to how they got my contact information or I point out how many phone calls I have received from them, they hang up, but then call again a few minutes later and the whole process starts again. 

Could someone kindly explain why I have received such an excessive level of disturbance and what I might do to stop it so I can plug my phone back in and continue about my business. 




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Re: Excessive marketing calls

Not Virgin Media, it's some scammer trying to get your banking information, or remote access to your computer, so they can try to rob you.

They don't have your contact information, it's a random dialling system and you're just unlucky.

Block calls from the number if you can, or answer and keep them on the line as long as you can, without giving them any personal information at all.

Eventually they'll move on to some other poor soul.

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