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End contract without penalty - no landline service for 2-months+

Tuning in

I have had zero landline services for over 2-months now. I'd be grateful if anyone can confirm my legal status regarding exiting my contract immediately without paying fees?

1. I would like to exit my contract without penalty or further fees because Virgin has failed to supply the services that I am still paying for. Apparently, I can't do this.  I am checking with Citizens Advice, but do you know if it is the case that a company can hold you in contract and take payment for services that they are not supplying?

2. I managed to speak with someone last night and they said that our area is being switched over to fibre for phone and that was the reason for the disruption.  From what I understand, this will mean that my home phone will no longer function in a power cut.  This is a material disadvantage from when the contract was agreed.  Can a company disadvantage their customers and still hold them in contract and demand the same payment for reduced services?

I have tried the various Virgin 'customer services' systems on the web and phone and have repeatedly been sent into loops that simply return you to where you started.  I submitted a complaint 3-weeks ago but this has not yet been addressed.  I have really had enough of Virgin.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Newtrich

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you wish to cancel - you cannot do this via the forums and will need to speak to the cancellations team regarding your options.

I will happily send you a PM though to address the phone line issue.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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