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Emergency help needed - elderly mum landline switched off

Joining in

My 90 year old disabled mum’s landline has been switched off.( She has definitely not had a letter through the post as all her mail is picked up by me or my sister.)We only discovered this today. Her personal fall alarm is attached to it and she has no other way of contacting anyone. I’ve spoken to one of your call handlers who assured me someone would call me back within 2 hours. No one has. I’m really worried as she is very frail. Can someone look into this for me please? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Donnab2


We're very sorry to hear of the landline issues in regards to your mums services, we can understand the concern and appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


We're eager to get this looked into further for you and I will send you a Private Message to get some details to investigate further. Check the envelope in the top right of the forum when signed in for the message.