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Emergency Backup Line - Non emergency numbers

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My elderly parents have been provided with an emergency backup line. When the home phone rings, both the EBL and the main home phone, ring. It also dials out, to regular non emergency numbers. 

I did an experiment and unplugged the router and the phone. When it isn’t plugged in or the internet isn’t plugged in - it says “4G line only”. So does this mean when everything IS plugged in, the EBL can be used as a regular home phone?


In an emergency if my dad uses the EBL to call me, over 4G (because services are down) will we be charged a premium rate?




Alessandro Volta

The setup of the newest EBUL units has been changing recently. The latest ones with an updated SIM should now operate in a seamless way switching between landline via the hub or using 4G if the hub connection has failed. 

Calls should appear to be coming from the landline and calls are charged according to the particular landline package the customer is on. This was the last info I read about it as per info below.

There was a long topic about this where user declanworld tried to find this info out. Page 6 onwards has some forum team replies highlighting the arrangement

One of the VM forum team will reply here in due course. They might, hopefully, confirm the above for you or you might be just at the start of your own 7 page topic to try to find out!!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @hm155155,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I am really sorry to hear that there's some confusion with the set up and operation of the EBUL. I can see that @goslow has provided a link to a thread on a similar topic which may provide the answers that you're looking for.

If it doesn't and you need some further assistance, is it possible to provide a photo of the EBUL? This is so we can see what model of EBUL you have and with that we can have a better idea of how to guide you with how it functions, how it should be set up, etc.


Zach - Forum Team
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Alessandro Volta

For the benefit of the OP, from the VM phone guide