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Elderly parents disconnected with no warning

Joining in

It's an absolute disgrace my elderly mother (also with dementia)became rather ill and was pressing her Carelink button for help,little did we know that she had been cut off by these idiots after not receiving a reply to their texts (she can't use that function on her phone) I'd called round for my daily visit to find her extremely distressed and unable to breath,she has currently been in hospital now for 3 days with fluid on her lungs,when I complained I just got some Indian call centre saying I'm very sorry about that let me see what I can do,I'm livid my mother could have died due to these inco.petent buffoons 



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post @Deejaygaz, and we're terribly sorry to hear of the distress that has been caused due to the switching over of the phone lines in your Mother's local area.

We would have to advise that when we contact customers, to inform them of the switch, we would require their consent to the changing over to a router based service.

Due to the changes in the technology, we cannot continue to support copper based phone lines - and these will in time be decommissioned across all regions of the UK, by all telecommunications providers, and this means that without any response, the phone line would be automatically cancelled.

Can you please confirm, on the recent call in to our team, if we were able to reinstate the phone line for your Mother?

Kindest regards,


I have now got it reinstated but surely if not receiving a response from a customer there should be more checks in place rather than just go ahead and disconnect them ?? There was no letter sent or email I have checked my junk folders and my mother's mail ,all there was is a text on her phone asking her to contact you ..I've also been reading about a talk protected service for the elderly and venerable but no one seems to know anything about it in your various call centres

Thanks for coming back to us @Deejaygaz.

We would usually aim to contact customers via text message, as well as via E-Mail and/or white letter for further confirmation for customers to respond to.

We apologise if this was not received and will endeavour to keep you and/or your Mother updated with any future changes.

Finally, I would personally advise that, if you haven't already, it may be worth obtaining a power of attorney for your Mother. This will ensure that you're in a better position to manage the account on her behalf.

Once obtained, we'll be able to have this processed for you, over our Community Forums.

Kindest regards,