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Elderly parent phone line cut off

Joining in

Hi, My elderly parents have had their phone line disconnected.  This has been from around 6 April 2023 and has not yet been resolved.  Called  on Saturday 15th April and was told it would take 72 hrs to reconnect on Thursday 20 April early morning as there was still no connection, spent nearly 2 hrs going around various departments in your call centre and was finally told it would be re connected in 24 hrs, this has now expired and still no landline.  Call centre are saying my parents requested a disconnection, they have not, they are still on contract and have paid a bill taking them to May 2023 with land line and call anytime on it.   My parents are elderly and are awaiting a hospital appointment, my father has wasted all his money on his pay as you go phone trying to get through before I was available to use my mobile phone to call.  They now have no phone at all.

This is not an acceptable level of service to vulnerable persons.  Please reinstate their land line as it is their life line.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jaycee1976 👋.

We apologise your parents are still having issues with their phone. We would need to invite you into a private message in order to obtain some account details and look into this for you. Please could you look out for the purple envelope for a private message. 



Joining in

Just had this with motherinlaws phone which has not been right since they.moved her from the old network connection.  Deciding to shift her to BT due to appalling customer service.  84 and housebound without a phone !

Hi Phallus,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that your mum is having issues with her landline and currently is unable to use.

Is this due to the home phone switch over taking place.

We would be more than happy to check your mums account for her if you need further help with this matter.

Please let us know.

Kind regards Jodi.