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I have two BT cordless home telephone. One handset connected at main socket and second handset always keeping in my bedroom. In EBUL line connected with wired BT phone.

My concern is, when I receive a call, I can see caller ID and heard clearly from main socket phone(BT cordless handset) line but I can not hear anything apart from cracking noise from my second handset (BT cordless handset).

Also I can not receive call from EBUL which separately connected with BT wired telephone.

Please reply 

Thank you





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Look in the manual for your cordless phones and find the 'paging' function. When 'paging' the cordless phones, this causes all the handsets to make a ringing sound. If your second cordless does not ring when 'paging' it, it might have become de-registered from the base station. If so, you would need to re-register the second handset with the base station.

Presumably your phone connection is now coming in from the back of the VM hub if you have been offered the EBUL. The EBUL is intended only to be used to make outbound 999 calls in an emergency if the landline via the hub is down for some reason.

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Hi Kayl, welcome to the community! Thank you for posting and bringing this to our attention. 

Sorry to hear of your concerns regarding your current landline setup. 

To start, would you be able to confirm if your EBUL looks like the image on the left or right?

I have a few questions so we can help Identify the issue and offer you the best possible support. 

1) Do you currently have more than one landline handset connected into your hub? 

2) You mentioned the EBUL is connected separately and that you cannot receive calls to it - does it currently have a dial tone? 

3) Are you receiving calls to your other handsets?

4) Do you currently have a Dial tone on your secondary cordless handset? (The one with the crackling noise)

5) Have you been able to try the 'paging' troubleshooting outlined by Goslow?

Let us know how you are getting on so we can offer you further help! All the best.