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Does the hub have the ring capacitor built in on the fibre phone service or is that in the adapter?

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I assume the adapter sent to plug into the back of the hub to allow my landline phone switch over to fibre is just to add the 3rd wire to handle the ring facility on the line which was previously handled by the phone master socket but now has the ring capacitor in the adapter to allow for phones with only two wire connections.

My question is, does the hub have the ring capacitor built in so that I can just run a three core cable to connect to a phone slave socket (pins 2,3 and 5) as per telephone cabling and thus discard the adapter or can I run the three core cable to a new master socket which has the ring facility and run all extensions from that.

Bottom line, does the hub have the ring built in and thus functions exactly like a phone master socket or do you need the adapter in the line and then just add slave sockets for all phone extensions?







IIRC only a BT master socket and some DSL filters have ring caps, most other things won't. I know the hub or the adapter VM provide do not.

TV, Phone + EBUL v3, and Broadband using the Hub 3.0 in modem mode, with a Newifi D2 running Openwrt (FTTP/RFoG).

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Hi @ds7,

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The Hub itself does not have the Ring Capacitor built in, this is all done through the adapter that you have received. The RJ11 Adapter that you have received for your migration will only be usable in the back of your Hub in the Phone port. If you're looking to have any extensions in your property, one of our Technicians would need to come out and install these as the analogue extensions will no longer work.

Can you please confirm which phone model you are going to be using? Are you looking to have Landline extensions in your property?


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I believe the OP needs a ring cap, more than likely for an older phone, the adapter VM supply will not have this.

TV, Phone + EBUL v3, and Broadband using the Hub 3.0 in modem mode, with a Newifi D2 running Openwrt (FTTP/RFoG).

Thanks for clearing that up. I will still go ahead with my own wiring from the adapter to my home.


Hi @ds7


Thanks for the reply


We would be happy to look into this for you and provide any due answers if you can provide the above, thank you for your post!



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Hub- Adapter-6core cable to phone junction box-junction box to phone socket-other extensions off phone socket- plug phones into sockets.

Have tested all the wires so know which is which from hub to phone socket. I f you are saying I need special phone sockets to support VM Fibre Phone well that is a short sighted way of upgrading a phone system. 

That is correct, an engineer would need to attend to install any further sockets. This would also come at a £25 charge due to it being a non fault related appointment. 




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Good Morning, still think I will go with my setup. Just really needed confirmation on ring capacitor location. As for paying for an engineer, no thanks. If my phone and extensions work on the current setup and will not work on the fibre upgrade, then why should it cost me to make my home compliant? You appear to be saying that Virgin do not comply to UK standards on phone connectivity regarding phone wiring and sockets. This always results in extra costs to the users when changes are made.

No problem @ds7, do feel free to come back to us if you require any further assistance on this matter.

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